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Loewe | Homewares

Altogether Loewe

How do you inject a brand with personality? How do you articulate fashion in a different way?

Brosa Furniture

Uniquely Brosa

Luxe de Vie is pleased to announce a new partner to the Lifestyle category – Brosa Furniture.
Brosa was born from a discontent with the status quo and a desire to change the designer furniture industry.

Feng Shui and the bedroom?

Go with the flow

If your focus is on your significant other – or lack of one – it turns out that your bedroom may be sending out a message you’d rather it didn’t.

Trends | Vert

The latest trends will have you green.

t’s a chance to tweak (or totally ditch) the old and ring in the new. This goes for all aspects of life, including the home.

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