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The five shoes every man should own.

The Loafer
Loafers are the best shoes for any mature man: impeccable style and innate refinement. This definitely is something to aspire to, and Loafers can be part of that look – slip ons for the smart set. Tassels lend to the classic look, but if that’s a step too far then Penny Loafers are a great starter shoe, and are equally great with jeans or a suit.

Oxfords’ name comes from the Oxonian, a sort of half-boot first popularised at Oxford university. Evidently this is a shoe with great pedigree then, but they’re also rooted in rebellion, with the students casting off their damned knee-high boots, which must have been a nightmare to wear every day. Oxfords then are the shoe of modernity then. Black is of course the classic, but brown goes particularly well with both grey suits or dark denim.

The Brogue
Brogues are the essential shoe for any man, gentle or not, and another that traverses the ground between casual and formal with ease. Something about their pin hole design harks back to an earlier time, and thus they give a refined edge to jeans. And the holes make let your feet breathe, so they’re a great summer shoe.

Chelsea Boot
Chelsea Boots are a miracle of engineering, combining as they do an ankle boot with the modern material elastic. It’s the comfortable modern city shoe, being perfect for both meetings and night time activities, whatever that means. Weirdly, the boot was a firm favourite of Queen Victoria before being popularised by the Mods – the ankle height works well with cropped trousers.

One of the oldest shoe models, Moccasins hold many different interpretations. The driving Moccasins were a model created for sports driving, but are now an integral part of any man's wardrobe. Small rubber dots and heel reinforcement provide an extra unique grip to the accelerator and add stylish details when you're not behind wheel.