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Being engaged down-under.

Get your undies game right to avoid discomfort and, um, potential embarrassment in front of a partner.

You’re washing them wrong
There’s no explanation needed for how dirty your underwear gets, so don’t even think about re-wearing them before sticking them in the washing machine on high heat. But cool things down in the drying process — either air-dry your undies or set the dryer to cool rather than giving them a spin on a high heat, which will stretch out the elastic in the waistband and lead to unflattering, saggy underwear.

You’re wearing the wrong colour
For the same reason you need to wash your undergarments so thoroughly, colours like black and navy blue don’t show stains as much as lighter hues, nor do they fade as quickly. As for tighty whities, feel free to leave them behind in your awkward teenage years — there are plenty of more stylish cotton styles out there that are just as comfortable.

You’re using the wrong fabric
Cotton is comfortable, breathable and a reliable go-to for everyday wear, and microfibre wicks the sweat away and is therefore perfect for gym sessions and hot summer days. Steer clear of spandex, though — it traps sweat instead, and no one wants a whiff of those at the end of a warm day.

You’re wearing the wrong style
Need some support down there for exercise? Briefs are your go. But prone to chafing? Boxer briefs are a better cut, providing more coverage. Wearing low-rise jeans? Avoid high-rise briefs unless you want to reveal as much of your undies as a ‘90s rapper. Consider the rise, the fabric, and the design before investing in your next six-pack.

You’re not buying the right size
Every man knows the agony of undies that don’t quite fit — riding up and hugging your junk in all the places you don’t want it to — so it’s critical to find a style that offers the right balance between space and support, especially at night, when your junk needs to be given a chance to breathe. Also replace your underwear every 12 months with fresh, unfaded, well-fitted pairs that are sure to boost your confidence.