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Giving your workwear uniqueness.

A few simple things you can do to stand out from the work-a-day crowd.

Wear an unusual accessory
Elegant watches and tie clips go without saying — if you really want to add a twist to your office wear, get your hands on accessories that are a little left of centre. Cuff links are a great way to inject some personality into your outfit in a subtle way — unique designs in silver or gold are tasteful options. Vintage suspenders and scarves during winter are other striking accessories you could experiment with.

Add a pop of colour
The tried and trusted pocket square is another way of livening up your navy suit. The square should complement your tie with a bold colour or design rather than match it . . . or you could really mix things up by ditching the tie altogether and leaving your top button undone to accentuate the pocket square. The accessory comes in silk and cotton in as many patterns and designs as you can dream of.

Use a statement man bag
Now that the stigma around wearing a man bags has joined fax machines and flared jeans in the annals of ancient history, there are so many stylish bag designs for the modern man to choose from. Never wear a backpack with a suit — ruining your sophisticated office look is one of the cardinal sins of style — and instead buy a tan leather messenger bag or brief case, or a larger holdall if you’re carrying a little more.

Experiment with shoes
Oxfords, monk straps and brogues in muted black or brown colours are the stylish office standard for most of the year, but the warmer summer months are a good opportunity to mix up your dress shoes. Block-colour lace-ups in a pastel green or blue, a chunky contrast-coloured sole, a two-tipped wingtip brogue in darker hues, or a suede variety of a classic design would all make a statement in combination with your regular chinos.

Rock a patterned suit
No one can argue with the classic single-breasted navy suit, but patterns have now become acceptable business attire. A subtle Glen plaid, windowpane for that Italian ’sprezzatura’ look, or arrow-shaped herringbone all provide a twist on what most blokes wear in the boardroom. It goes without saying that a unique pattern must be matched with a monochromatic shirt and tie — houndstooth with a floral patterned tie is overdoing it.

Be bold with socks
Like the navy suit, black socks do the trick with every outfit — but colourful socks can be a playful addition to your office wear. If you’re trying to get people to look at your socks, make sure they’re co-ordinated with the rest of your get-up — it’s more appropriate to wear bold socks if the rest of your outfit is more restrained.