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Wellness and wellbeing

Stress | Take it away!

The art of de-stressing.

A former globe-trotting DJ and a clinical psychologist might sound an unlikely pairing to launch a mindfulness 'pop-up' for executives.
But gone are the days of meditation and mindfulness being purely the domain of religious followers or hippies.

Extreme wellness activities

what is cryotherapy?

The things people do for their health and wellbeing these days is enough to make you stop and think what's it all about.

Want an ironman body?

Like, totally fit.

If you're sitting at your desk, perhaps feeling a wee bit flabby around the midsection but enjoying an afternoon Coke (enough about me), gazing at photos of Matt Poole might stir up the emotions.

Showering before bed?

When is it best to shower?

At this point, we’re pretty sure if someone paid us to stand under a jet of hot water all day and think about its health benefits, we’d forego the money and do it for free.