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Jumerirah  Port Soler | Majorca

Luxury Spain

In a prime position overlooking Majorca's spectacular mountains, forests and the breathtakingly blue Mediterranean, the Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa has all the luxury dining and leisure options you might need for a fly-and-flop stay.

Traveller's Choice Awards

Winning Airline

Almost a year after TripAdvisor allowed passengers to rate their flight experiences, the travel website has revealed which airlines have come out on top in its Travellers' Choice Awards.

Jackalope Hotel | Victoria

Wines and relaxation

Wine was part of the design from the very outset for the Mornington Peninsula's most luxurious new destination, the Jackalope Hotel.

Adelaide, hot right now?

The new Portland?

Adelaide is the new Portland,” one thirtysomething musician tells me. He moved back to his hometown after years in Melbourne, and has returned to find the city going through a dynamic, creative phase.

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